Antique Indian Amulet, Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Antique Indian Amulet, Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu

This is quite a LARGE example of an early to mid 20th century high grade silver amulet pendant worn by the tribal people of northern India. The amulet pendant is in the shape of a yoni or leaf of the sacred fig tree - the bottom pointing ovule, and die-stamped with a large sturdy bale.

It has a rolled silver border and a silver bar extension down the back for extra support. From the listing photos you will see that the figure is quite raised from the surface of the silver sheet.

It has a decorative bale and a wonderful chased background pattern. The horse has been decorated with jewellery and horse trappings and has fine chased horse hair tail.

I have not come across many renditions of a "God Kalki" amulet, so this must have been made for a very special purpose.

Kalki is an Avatara of Vishnu. Avatara means "Descent" and refers to a descent of the divine into the material realm of human existence. The Garuda Puran lists ten incarnations, with Kalki being the tenth. He is described as the incarnation who appears at the end of the Kali Yuga. He ends the darkest, degenerating and chaotic stage of the Kali Yuga (Period) to remove adharma and ushers in the Satya Yuga, while riding a white horse with a fiery sword. He restarts a new cycle of time. He is described as a Brahmin warrior in the Puranas.

On the top left is the sun symbol of Surya, and the top right is the moon symbol of Chandra. In Sanskrit Chandra means "bright and shinning".

This is an old collection piece in good condition.

Height: 15 cm (6 inches)
Width: 11.5 cm (4 5/8")
Bale: 15 mm (1/2")
Weight: 112.48 Grams (3.967 oz.)
Material: Tested Silver high grade 92.5% approx

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