Antique Tibetan Gau Box Necklace

Antique Tibetan Gau Box Necklace


This is a beautifully etched Himalayan Gau box and the oval domed box dating from the early to mid 20th century.

Although worn in all areas of Tibet, the oval-shaped silver Gau was particularly favoured by women in the southern border areas of Tibet, in Sikkim,Bhutan and Himachal Pradesh.

The front of the Gau is decorated with a central turquoise cabochon around a gilded decorated double Dorje. A double Dorje, or Vishvavajra, are two Dorjes connected to form a cross. A double Dorje represents the foundation of the physical world and is also associated with certain tantric deities.

The Himalayan Gau has high grade silver beads and two double Dorje silver beads. The high grade silver linked chain is quite long at 82cm (32 inches)
The antique carved Chinese turquoise beads are just beautiful.

The Gau box does open but because of the way it has been strung on the necklace it will not open fully.

The Gau has a hand beaten mixed metal back.
The Gau box does not test for silver, but all the bead and the silver chain tested for high grade silver (92.5% approx).

Necklace Weight: Gau 87 Grams (3.06 oz.)
Gau Width: 6 cm (2 1/4" )
Height: 6 cm (2 1/4")
Necklace Length: 82 cm (32”)
Beads and Chain: High Grade Silver
Gau Box: Mixed Metal Alloy.

PRICE: USD $995.00 
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