Tibetan Gau Box Necklace, Tibetan Heirloom Beads, 84 Grams

Tibetan Gau Box Necklace, Tibetan Heirloom Beads, 84 Grams

This is a beautifully ornamented with filigree work, silver beaded wire and turquoise cabochons Tibetan Gau box and the oval domed front is of low grade silver (80% approx.) dating from the early to late 19th century.

Although worn in all areas of Tibet, the oval-shaped silver gau was particularly favoured by women in the southern border areas of Tibet, in Sikkim and Bhutan.

The front of the Gau is decorated with 17 turquoise cabochons inset in wax around a decorated silver bezels. (There are four turquoise stones missing).

The Gau was worn suspended from the top gadrooned tube, and is still in good condition. It is also reinforced with an extra wooden tube inside. The lower decoration on the Tibetan gau is a stylized dorje and a ring clip for attaching other ornaments. 

The necklace is strung with a stunning range of antique Tibetan heirloom beads measuring 51 cm (20") long.

The necklace is strung on plastic coated twisted wire and has a knotted join inside the tube threading - but is still very secure. I have detailed the join in listing photos No. 7 and 8 - to show the join and when in place it is not seen as it is inside the tube and silver bead.

10 x Heirloom Turquoise beads that are worn smooth from centuries of wearing on the body and ancient wear at both ends. 1 cm - 2 cm
3 x  Antique Rudraksha Seed Beads -  9 mm
16 x  Old round silver over Lac Spacer Beads -  9 mm
6  x  Antique Eyed Bodhi Seed Beads -  12 mm
2 x  Silver granulated Spacer Beads
2 x  Antique white, translucent Tridacna Giant Clam Beads -  12 mm
2 x  Small Jasper Bloodstone Nephrite Beads - 5 mm
1 x  Small Green Chalcedony Bead - 10 mm

The copper back on the gau box is now missing.

Weight:  Gau 36.7 Grams (1.295 oz.)
Total Weight of Gau and Necklace:  84 Grams (2.965oz.)
Gau Width:  6 cm  (2 1/4" )
Height:  6.5 cm  (2 1/2")
Bale:  10 mm (3/8")
Beaded Necklace Length:  51 cm (20")
Material: Tested low grade silver 50-80% - with green silver tarnishing on front.


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