Antique Indian Bracelet, Rajasthan

Antique Indian Bracelet, Rajasthan



This type of large silver ornament is disappearing in India today and are very rare and hard to come by:

Quote: from 'Traditional Jewelry of India' Oppi Untracht, Page 254.

"This is a two part bracelet known as nogri or gajredar bangri with central makara heads.

The bracelet is ornamented with bunches of hollow balls (gajre) rigidly fixed to the main body by threading a wire through their integral loops. (I have attached in the last listing photo an example of the complex work that goes into making the gajre ball).

This work is called moti ke gajre kam; the effect of bunching is guchchedar. A silver ball bunch is called chandi ke gajre ka guchchha."

The hollow cast bracelet is made in two parts. It opens when the front screw is pulled up, allowing the part to open from the side hinge.

This bracelet is from Rajasthan in northern India.

The bracelet has been cleaned from the condition I acquired it and still has a patina consistent with its age.

The bracelet will suit a medium size wrist, but is quite heavy to wear at 201 grams although very comfortable and balanced. I have a 6cm diameter wrist and it fits very well.

Inside diameter: 6 cm (2 1/4)
Outside diameter: 10 cm (3 3/4")
Height of the bracelet at centre front: 3cm (1 1/8")
Weight: 201 Grams (7.870oz)
Tested for high grade silver 92.5% approx.

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