Antique India Necklace, British India Rupee Necklace

Antique India Necklace, British India Rupee Necklace



This is a heavy solid silver necklace featuring two large link chains with one central British India Rupee Coin dated 1912.

Northern India, Silver Necklace (rupaya har or hullar) with British-Indian rupee and six floral units with magenta colour glass stones.

The rupee from 1912 within a circle, and flower surrounds, and on the front side is a crowned bust of George V King Emperor (1910-1936). The coin was minted as high grade silver 91.7%. The British-Indian government used precious metal coinage until 1939 and struck under direct authority of the crown. The chain and the parts tested high grade silver also.

I have not cleaned the necklace - but will polish up beautifully.

The necklace hangs very well as it is quite heavy at 108 Grams.

Necklace Length: 48cm cm (19") ( This can be also worn shorter on the extension chain (from 43cm - 17")
Rupee and Floral Unit Height: 4.5cm (2")
Weight: 107.86 Grams (3.80 oz.)
Tested for High Grade Silver

PRICE: USD $895.00 
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Antique India Necklace, British India Rupee Necklace, Rupaya Har Necklace



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