Antique India Necklace, Madhya Pradesh

Antique India Necklace, Madhya Pradesh


This is a beautifully ornamented high grade silver earplug earring (dhar) from Madhya Pradesh from the 19th century.

This earplug earring is now the focal pendant of the necklace. It has a very fine silver wire circles and floral units added around a central raised lotus bloom with a turquoise cabochon. There is evidence of gilding around the turquoise stone.

This earplug was originally worn as a mathapatti - as detailed in the last listing photo.

The beads on the necklace are all antique Indian beads from different parts of India.

There are six RARE Sri Lankan silver beads with very fine granulation designs and on either end of these beads are twelve beautifully detailed silver spacer beads decorated with silver wire and granulation, also from Sri Lanka.

There are 12 very old Chinese round - mostly pale green in color, turquoise beads which display very little matrix. The physical wear characteristics of these turquoises are also indicative of significant age. There is age wear around the stringing cord holes which has worn into stone over time.

There are two fish fertility symbol beads and heart shape spacer beads from Turkmen in Afghanistan, and various other beautifully constructed high grade silver antique beads.

It is strung on white horse hair, as this was used in India during the 19th century for stringing necklaces and seed pearls. The stringing is very secure and professionally done as horse hair is very strong (as used in violin bows). This stunning necklace measures 65cm (25 1/2") long.

Weight: 105 Grams (3.715 oz.)
Earplug Disc Diameter: 5.5 cm (2 1/4")
Length of Necklace: 65 cm (25 1/2")
Length of each beaded side: 30 cm 11 3/4" each side
Material: Tested High Grade Silver

PRICE: USD $895.00 
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Antique India Necklace, Madhya Pradesh Necklace, Silver Earplug Earring Pendant




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