Antique Indian Choker Necklace, Rajasthani Torque, Hansuli

Antique Indian Choker Necklace, Rajasthani Torque, Hansuli


This is a vintage, solid silver rigid torque (hansuli) necklace from Rajasthan, northern India. The name of this uniquely Indian form is derived from the collar bone (hansuli) on which such ornaments rest.

The torque has been beautifully made with very high standard of silversmithing.

The necklace silver central sheet has been hand beaten into a crescent shape and contoured with a separate silver beaded border added all around. The necklace is fringed with floral units and silver bell dangles.

The two side chains are double strand, very high quality, fine silver snake chains hinged together and embellished with floral units. It has a S clasp for closing with a small ring chain adjustable extension. It has a lovely soft worn patina and beautiful craftsmanship.

The necklace is very comfortable to wear. In the photo I have the extension ring on the 45cm 18", but can be worn lower to 49cm (19")

Central Crescent Inner diameter at ends: 12.5 cm (5 ")
Inner circumference including extension chain: 49 cm (19 1/2")
Outer diameter side to side at widest: 15 cm 6"
Hight of centre crescent without bells: 4 cm (1 1/2")
Snake Chain Length: Side 1, 12.5 cm 4 3/4", Side 2. 9 cm (3 3/4")
Weight: 100 Grams (3.52oz .)
Material: Tested High Grade Silver


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