Antique Indian Necklace, Thar Desert, High Grade Silver

Antique Indian Necklace, Thar Desert, High Grade Silver



This is a beautifully made early 20th century high grade silver amulet box pendant.

The pendant is from Bikaner, a city in the northern state of Rajasthan. Bikaner is a city in the north Indian state of Rajasthan, east of the border with Pakistan. It's surrounded by the Thar Desert.

The silver necklace whose main elements are three amulets; two in the barbed arrowhead form (chagda,) the centre one in seed form (it looks like a stylized peapod case with the end leaves) separated by decorated die stamped silver beads (goli), all with delicately made dangles.

The two amulet pendants in the shape of an barbed arrowhead form with two decorative bales and are basically plain with an etched front decoration. (I have seen this same design on another example of this necklace - so the design must be traditional for this type of necklace. The three dimensional amulet pendants are sealed and may contain a wax element. They have nine sets of gajre dangle balls (plus one long bunch of gajre balls hanging at the center of each amulet).

The centre bead is in the seed form ands decorated with silver wire representing the end leaves on (maybe) a peapod case. There are nine sets of gajre dangle balls (plus one long bunch handing at the centre.)

There are two sets of separating beads all matching in design although in different forms.

It has an adjustable cord length secured with a sliding bead. The cotton cord is good condition and would have been replaced in the same manner as the original cord.

The last listing photo is of an old Rajasthani Necklace from Bikaner on Page 130, Traditional Jewelry of India, Oppi Untracht with the same amulet box pendant on the necklace.

Box Amulet Height: 7.5 cm (3") including Gajre Balls
Centre Amulet Box Width: 6.5 cm (2 1/2") including Gajre Balls
Extended Cord Length: 76 cm (30")
Tested: High Grade Silver
Weight: 158.75 grams approx. (5.6 oz.)

PRICE:  USD $1,150.00
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Antique Indian Necklace, Thar Desert, Bikaner, Rajasthan



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