Vintage Indian Necklace, Tharu Necklace, High Grade Silver, 210 Grams

Vintage Indian Necklace, Tharu Necklace, High Grade Silver, 210 Grams


This is a vintage high grade silver necklace from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh on the Indo-Nepal border or from Nepal. The name of this uniquely Indo-Nepal form is called 'Chamel' in Lucknow and 'Taunk' in Nepal.

I have also detailed a photo of a Tharu girl from Nepal as this is also a traditional necklace worn by the Tharu Tribe in Southern Nepal and India.

The necklace has been beautifully made with very high standard of silversmithing and quite heavy with 210 grams of 'high grade silver'.

The necklace is of a repoussage-decorated silver central sheet and has been hand beaten into a crescent shape and contoured with a separate silver beaded border added all around. The necklace is fringed with wirework floral pendant dangles.

To make this necklace a sketch of the design is drawn on the silver sheet and cut accordingly. With the help of hammer and chisel, the cut sheet is hammered very gently, so that the required embossing can be achieved, but the sheet remains intact. There are pierced cuts and holes as part of the design.

It has hinged back extensions with a 'S' clasp for closing attached at the ends of the crescent and move to put on the necklace. The original locking rings are still in place.

The necklace is very comfortable to wear and sits flat on the chest - although hard to photo on my stand. I did try the necklace on and it is very comfortable to wear.

Central Crescent Inner diameter: 12.5 cm (5 ")
Inner circumference including extension ends: 43 cm (17")
Outer diameter side to side at widest: 19 cm (7 1/2")
Hight of centre crescent without pendants: 4 cm (1 1/2")
Side Extensions Length: 10cm (4 ")
Weight: 210 Grams (7.40oz .)
Material: Tested High Grade Silver

PRICE: USD $895.00 
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Vintage Indian Necklace, Vintage Tharu Necklace, Uttar Pradesh




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