Antique Islamic Vase, Middle Eastern Vase

Antique Islamic Vase, Middle Eastern Vase

Masterpiece of Calligraphy:

This is a c. mid 19th century Islamic vase in brass and copper with an elegantly wide flared neck, engraved and incised with Islamic verse calligraphy and patterns throughout.   I do not know the exact origin but most possibly from the Middle East.

This is a spectacular piece being made of six separate copper dovetailed sections attached to a flared upper and bottom section - also dovetailed along with a reinforced upright neck rim added. The foot rim is decorated with a geometric design has also been added separately.  The beautifully engraved decoration work on this metal ware has been executed by craftsmen with exceptional skill.

The vertical decorations are nine large lobed Thuluth calligraphy inscriptive medallions alternating with nine large lobed medallions filled with designs of scrolling floral arabesques.  The six vertical panels alternating in copper and brass.  The top and bottom copper bands contain circular cartouches of scrolling floral arabesques and the inscription bands with Thuluth calligraphy.

There is an engraved date or number on the bottom of the vase in Arabic numerals (1701) - translating to 1651.

Height 30cm (12")
Width: 17.8 cm (7")
Weight 1.275kg (2.81 lbs)
Material: Copper and Brass

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