Antique Sri Lanka Necklace, High Grade Silver Beads, 74 cm (29″), 78.9 Grams

Antique Sri Lanka Necklace, High Grade Silver Beads, 74 cm (29″), 78.9 Grams

The jewellery of Sri Lanka constitutes a distinctive subgroup within the context of Indian ornamentation.

Quote: "The eclecticism and technical virtuosity shown in the jewellery of the regions are simply inconceivable. Is it not said that Sri Lanka is "the tear of India"? The granulation and filigree attain perfection in this beautifully wrought necklace".

This is a rare example of this type of necklace and hard to find today. The necklace is most probably early 20th century from Sri Lanka, (formerly Ceylon), and is also known as a Mugappu side pendant necklace.

The clasp centre piece (mugappu) is worn just below the right collar bone, so that it is clearly visible over the edge of a sari or at the back of the neck. The clasp centre piece on this necklace does not open and the closing pin has been soldered shut with a tiny piece of solder for extra security. The necklace easily slips over the head being 74cm (29"). The clasp and pin are still complete.

The beads are made from high grade silver - hollow and not lac filled and makes the necklace quite light to wear.

The beads on this necklace are in excellent condition as with most examples of this type of necklace the beads have been dented. The stringing cord is still in good condition.

The beads have a lovey patina and there is still signs of the original gilding.

The front centre piece, 7 cm (2 3/4") is decorated with applied triangles and silver twisted wire.

Centre Clasp Height; 2.5 cm (7/8")
Beads Length: 2 cm (6/8")
Beads Width: 1.5 cm (5/8")
Necklace length: 74 cm (29")
Weight: 78.9 Grams (2.78 oz.)



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