Antique Tibetan Gau, Tibetan Ghau, dZi Beads, c.1800’s, 250 Grams

Antique Tibetan Gau, Tibetan Ghau, dZi Beads, c.1800’s, 250 Grams


This is a beautifully preserved and intact classic Lhasa style low grade silver gau box. The turquoises chips are all original - with no loss - and have not yet lost their luminosity. I found enclosed a printed mantra and a hand written prayer from the previous owner.

The 19th century Tibetan gau box whose form of two intersecting squares symbolize two crossed dorjes, symbol of the ultimate stability of Buddhahood.

The lower decoration is a stylized dorje ornament. The Gau has a gadrooned tube at the top for wearing and has a wood cylinder inserted for extra protection.

In the center of the Gau box is the circular eight petaled lotus flower mandala each set in a bezel setting.

The four corners are decorated in the lotus five petal mandala with the three petal lotus buds in between. The background is heavily covered in very fine filigree sprigs. The outer surrounded by applied pearled silver wire.

Two sides of the Gau Box are decorated with filigree. The backing plate secures well and is the original plate - although quite rusted.

The Gau Box is strung with an array of beads measuring 51 cm (21") long. These beads are part of a complete Tibetan style costume and is typical of many in its combination of real and imitation beads.

6 x Heirloom Turquoise beads that are worn smooth from centuries of wearing on the body and ancient wear at both ends.

10 x Antique Deep Red Sherpa Coral Barrel Beads - Graduated

2 x Tibetan dZi Glass Beads - 2.8 cm There is extensive wear around the stringing holes from wear and these dZi beads have been assessed by a expert in the field of ancient dZi beads as being from the late 19th century and have some value.

4 x Antique Imitation Coral Rondelles

6 x Graduated Antique Tibetan Turquoise Beads

2 x Yellow Amber Beads

2 x Square Cylinder Mother of Pearl Beads - these beads are very rare and are also on the necklaces in the last listing photo.

Height: 10 cm ( 4 1/4")
Width: 11 cm (4 1/2")
Depth: 2 cm (1")
Weight: 250 Grams (8.8 oz.)
Length:  51 cm (21")


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