Antique South Indian Amulet Box, Kerala, Taweez, Taviz

Antique South Indian Amulet Box, Kerala, Taweez, Taviz


This is a beautiful antique, from the 19th century, large high grade silver round tubular amulet pendant, prayer box container from Kerala, South India.

The tube has bands of very fine chasing which has now worn smooth. The applied top section has eleven decorative bales with round finals.

The box unscrews at one end and has a silver cylinder for the insertion of magical protective objects and mantras.

It has an aged patina and very rare to find. It has been silver tested for high grade silver 92.5% plus. There are some small dents on case.

The amulet box has a very old, fine rope chain. These older chains are not made in this style anymore - and the ropes were knitted by hand from threads of metal. The knitting is so precise that the silver metal has the very fine feel of quality.

Height: 3.5 cm (1 1/4") including Bale
Width: 8 cm (3 1/4" )
Depth: 2 cm (3/4")
Bale: 8 mm (1/4")
Prayer Box Weight: 86.8 Grams (3.06 oz.)
Material: Tested silver high grade 92.5% approx.

PRICE: USD $795.00 
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Antique South Indian Amulet, South Indian Prayer Box, Kerala



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