Sri Lanka Necklace, Lime Box

Sri Lanka Necklace, Lime Box


The above elaborately decorative chunam or the lime box (killotaya) from the 1800's, is a small version of the high grade silver round flattened box with and attached chain and spatula called in Sri Lanka a Killotaya, and from the old capital city of Kandy in the island's central highlands.

It was used to hold and carry lime (chunam) for mixing with sliced areca nut for betel chewing and was a favourite pastime for the upper class Sri Lankan Gentleman.

It still contains lime residue and the box opens with a small hinge on the top back of the Killotaya.

The large heirloom beads are known as Muria beads and are from a wedding necklace typically worn by the Harar people of Ethiopia. The spacer bicone beads are also from Ethiopia.  These heirloom beads are very old and date from the 1800's.

The necklace is in good condition with quite some silver tarnish. The Killotaya lime box, Sri Lankan 'S' Clasp and Chain for the spatula are all high grade silver, while the silver beads are a lower grade silver 80% approx.

Killotaya Lime Box, Height: 6 cm (2 1/2")
Killotaya Lime Box, Width: 5 cm (2")
Necklace Length: 57 cm (22 1/2")
Beads Length: Approx: 2.5 cm (1")
Weight: 230 grams approx. (8.11 oz.)
Killotaya Lime Box: High Grade Silver, 92.5% approx.

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