Antique Indian Amulet, Vishnu’s Sacred Footprints

Antique Indian Amulet, Vishnu’s Sacred Footprints


This is a beautiful large antique (probably early to mid 20th Century) high grade silver amulet pendant of the side-by-side footprints of Vishnu, generally termed Vishnupadaka (divine footprints) and worn by a wide Hindu audience, especially in northern India. 

This round form (mandala) contains Vishnu's foot-prints depicted within the shape of a yoni - the origin of life, or leaf of the sacred fig tree with the bottom pointing ovule.

The Tree of Life is through the center of the sacred footprints.   To the Muslims the motif represents everlasting life: to the Hindus the tree supports the Universe and preserves life.

The amulet has been finely die-stamped with  a decorative bale and decorative die-stamped borderer. The amulet has been silver tested for high grade silver.

A sacred, powerful charm, it is believed to offer the wearer protection against all calamities.

The amulet has been hung on a new black Indian traditional handmade cotton thread cord with a slip bead for adjusting the length, which I have specially made for the amulet.'

This is an original old worn collection piece in good condition and is featured in "Traditional Jewelry of India" Oppi Untract, page 100.  I have cleaned the amulet slightly.

Height:                        10 cm  (4")  including Bale and bells
Width:                          8.5cm  (3 1/2”)
Bale:                            8mm  (1/4")
Weight:                       62 grams  (2.18 oz.)
Chain Length:             76 cm  (30”)  Adjustable
Material:                      High Grade Silver (approx. 92.5%)

PRICE: USD $425.00 
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Antique Indian Amulet, Vishnu's Sacred Footprints