Antique Indian Amulet, Duo Goddess Devi, 65 Grams

Antique Indian Amulet, Duo Goddess Devi, 65 Grams


This is an early to mid 20th century silver round (mandala) shape amulet. The circular forms repel evil spirits who dare not enter them. This early to mid 20th century, high grade silver die-stamped amulet pendant is of a folk image of Goddess Devi or Hoi Mata inside the shape of a five-sided, peaked pentagon form, which symbolizes a temple (mandir). The amulet has been hand beaten (marks slightly visible) from a high grade silver sheet to a slight convex.

Hoi Mata is one of the many mother Goddess forms worshiped throughout India, presiding over the well being of the family. She is very often identified as a form of Shakti and is worshipped during Hoi Ashtami festival.

Hoi Mata images can be found in villages and cities of Rajasthan, Punjab, Harayna and Utta Pradesh.

The mud walls of rural homes are painted on festivals, and for worshipping Hoi or Ahoi, the goddess whose blessings are invoked for the well-being and protection of children by their mothers. Hoi is also worshipped as Sanjhi in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Himachal Pradesh, where young girls pray to her to secure good husbands.

The amulet has two large sturdy bales, and a decorative chased border.

The amulet has been strung on a new black Indian traditional handmade cotton thread cord with a slip bead for closing. This cord is adjustable.

It has been silver tested for high grade silver.

This is an original antique worn collection piece in good condition, but with age shows signs of ritual rubbing and wear around the outer edge.

Height: 10.8 cm (4 1/4") including Bale
Width: 9.5 cm (3 3/4")
Bale: 5 mm (2/8")
Weight: 65 Grams (2.29 oz.)
Cotton Cord: 76 cm (30") Adjustable
Material: Tested Silver high grade silver

PRICE: USD $595.00 
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Antique Indian Amulet, LARGE Indian Hindu Amulet, Duo Goddess Devi, Hoi Mata



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