Antique Tibetan Pendant, Tibet Pendant

Antique Tibetan Pendant, Tibet Pendant


RARE: AND IN GOOD CONDITION FOR ITS AGE. This is a beautiful old (most probably late 19th or early 20th century) Tibetan belt ornament from eastern Tibet as a pendant and is known as a "lochab". It would have been a woman's belt hanger decorated with tradition Tibetan motif for the jewel in repoussé, surrounding a central turquoise cabochon.

At the center top facing the bale is ornamented with the grotesque 'monster mask' of Kirtimukha (Glorious Face) of the Fierce Monster. The Tibetan Kirtimukha is represented as a demon with horned face which does not have a lower jaw and Kirtimukha's hands with frilly cuffs hold the crest-bar in his mouth. The gems or a frieze of jewelled strings descends from Kirtimukha's upper jaw.

This is a wonderful representation with very expressive with clear detail.

The pendant has been worked in silver repoussé with representations of "The Three Jewels", a copper clip on the back securing the gold gilded center piece decorated once again with Tibetan jewel motif and a turquoise cabochon.

It has a very old worn patina with smooth edges. A small turquoise bead has been added to the belt stringing hole at some stage.

It is strung on a high grade silver chain with a "S" clasp for closing. It is 46cm (18") and can extend to 51cm (20")

Width: 6.5 cm (2 5/8")
Height: 10 cm (4″)
Length: 46 cm (18") adjustable to 51cm (20"
Pendant Weight: 69 Grams (2.435 oz.)


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Antique Tibetan Pendant, Tibetan Belt Ornament