Antique South Indian Silver Belt

Antique South Indian Silver Belt


This is a heavy in the hand, solid, high grade silver link handmade chain belt from Kerala, South India. This belt could also be worn as a necklace as detailed in the listing photos, although rather heavy.

These type of belts were used in the 19th century by wealthy Kerala fishermen who wore it below the navel over the white dhoti (lower garment) to hold the dhoti up.

This is illustrated in the last listing photo - I could not find an old Kerala fisherman photo - but this is a 1905 photo of boys in Kerala with white dhoti's and belt.

The belt is of a very high quality and comprises one strand of thick, rectangular links that fit closely together and the ornamented centre belt fastener opens to one side with a central screw pin mechanism.

This form of link chain is very rare today.
The silver link chain belt is heavy at 225 Grams (7.940 oz.)
The belt has a good patina and wear that has come from many years of use and is in very good condition.

Link Chain Width: 7 mm (1/4")
Central Clasp: Height: 3.5 cm (1 3/8"), Length: 5 cm (2")
Weight: Heavy at 225 Grams (7.940 oz.)
Length: 72.4 cm (28 1/2")
Tested: Tested High Grade Silver .925 approx.

PRICE: USD $995.00 
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Antique South India Silver Belt, Antique South Indian Necklace



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