Vintage Lingam Casket, Small (Ayigalu) Container

Vintage Lingam Casket, Small (Ayigalu) Container


This is a very small Ovoid high grade Silver Lingam Casket (ayigalu or shivadhara) in the "round pot" shape. This is the most common type worn by Lingayat laypeople. Lingayats are easily distinguished from other Hindus because in most cases the lingam casket is visible on the body.

The bottom section is embellished with a round ball finial.  The central sphere of the  box is flanked by two projecting rectangular sides with conical lower sections- these also are embellished with pointed ball finals as well.

The cotton cord is fine and adjustable in length at 76 cm (30") and has been strung through the two outer finials allowing the box to be suspended from the neck.

As with wear and ritual use there are a few small indents in the soft silver surface - but hardly noticeable.

The Lingayats believe movable lingams to be the only true symbol of Shiva.   All Lingayats carry their personal lingam with them at all times.  After death they are buried in a sitting position with the lingam in the left hand. 

Width:     4.5 cm (1 6/8")
Height:    4.5 cm (1 6/8")
Depth:     3 cm (1 2/8 ")
Chain:      71 cm (28") – Adjustable

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Vintage Lingam Casket