Antique Sri Lankan Necklace, Taviz

Antique Sri Lankan Necklace, Taviz


This is a Sri Lanka, circa 19th century - very rare - with five silver taviz prayer box pendants and six high grade silver hollow fluted bicone beads alternatively strung on a new fine high grade silver Snake Chain with a S hook for closing.

***When I acquired this piece it was originally an armlet or bracelet - refer last listing photo, but because of the length of 23 cm (9") it was too large for a bracelet and slipped off the wrist. I then re threaded the taviz prayer boxes and fluted bicone beads onto an antique 3 mm 51 cm (20:) fine high grade silver snake chain for a necklace.***

The granulation work and filigree is of an exceptionally high standard and each taviz being decorated differently on all sides.

The necklace hangs very well as it is quite heavy at 75 Grams.

Length: Silver Taviz Beads: 3.7 cm (1 1/2")
Length: Silver Bicone Beads: 1.7 cm (5/8")
Taviz Beads Length: 23 cm (9")
Silver Snake Chain: 3 mm - 51 cm (20")
Weight: 75 Grams (2.645 oz.)
Tested for High Grade Silver

PRICE: USD $895.00 
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Antique Sri Lanka Necklace, Old Ceylon Necklace, Sinhalese, Taviz, Prayer Box




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