Antique Indian Amulet, Family Unity Symbol Pendant

Antique Indian Amulet, Family Unity Symbol Pendant


This is a vintage high grade silver amulet pendant from Rajasthan, northern India. A sacred and powerful charm, it is believed to offer the wearer protection.

The amulet is in the shape of a rectangle, the form symbolic of a house plan, a symbol of family unity, represented by a walled-in rectangle. The amulet uses round units to cover joins. It has four decorative bales and silver border added.

The amulet has been strung on a new black Indian traditional handmade cotton thread cord. It has a looped end for closing.

This is an original collection piece in good condition.

Height: 3.5 cm (1 3/8") including Bale
Width: 5.3 cm (2')
Bale: 5mm (1/4")
Weight: 14.07 grams (0.496 oz.)
Cord Length: 46 cm (18”)
Material: Tested High Grade Silver

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