Antique Tibetan Gau Box, Tibetan Ghau, 428.6 Grams, c.1850’s

Antique Tibetan Gau Box, Tibetan Ghau, 428.6 Grams, c.1850’s



This is a large antique Tibetan copper Gau or Ghau amulet box with an applied brass overlay top and side panels.  The top brass face plate etched with the auspicious emblem of four Lotus Flowers and eight Lotus Buds joined together with flowing sil ribbons. 

The central cut out symbol is one of the Seven Gems: the Crossed Gem (T. nor-bu bskor-cha).  The Yin-Yang (or contrary influences) is chased on the top attached brass plates and around the sides of the Gau Box. 

The Gau was worn suspended from the top five loops. This man's large Gau Box it would have been worn with a strap across the shoulder hanging to the right side under the heart.  The lower decoration is a stylised dorje ornament and a ring loop for attaching other ornaments. 

This Gau has been extensively worn and shows signs of wear all over but still in good condition.  The back is copper with brass side overlays and inner mixed metal support panels.

Height: 15 cm (6")
Width: 11.5 cm (4 1/2")
Depth:  4 cm (1 1/2")

Weight: 428.6 Grams (15.115 oz.)

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