Antique Tibetan Gau Box

Antique Tibetan Gau Box


This is a truly beautiful, rare, well preserved mid 19th century type in double ogival form, gau worn by Tibetan women and very popular in the border areas of west and south Tibet and in the Indian Himalayan districts.

The central motif is a stylized lotus bud infilled with a turquoise stone and surrounded by applied filigree wire of sprigs, flower and petal elements and coral and  turquoise stones.  The center has a gilt finish.  This is a typical style of decorations found on this type of amulet box. The gau was worn suspended from the top gadrooned tube in excellent condition and has been reinforced with an extra copper tube inside,  with four turquoise and coral stones. 

The lower decoration is a stylized dorje ornament. The Gau still has the  original copper backing plate. The amulet box contained charms chosen to protect the wearer.

The Gau will polish up beautifully as it has a very dull silver oxidization from over the many years.

Height: 3 1/2"  (9 cm)
Width: 3 1/2"  (9 cm)
Weight: 89.5 grams, (3.160 oz.)
The front section has been tested and has been made from a high grade silver sheet 92.5% approx.

PRICE: USD $895.00 
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