Antique Himachal Pradesh Necklace

Antique Himachal Pradesh Necklace


This is an antique high grade silver choker or adjustable length necklace with 54 spacer beads from Himachal Pradesh, northern India and is quite heavy at 71 Grams (2.50 oz.)

This necklace from the 1920's was used to attach rupees along the bottom of the spacer beads and worn as a wealth necklace. The rupee coins could easily be removed when the wearer needed extra cash.

The last listing photo is of another Himachal Pradesh space beads necklace I previously sold and had the one rupee coins attached along the bottom.

Each spacer bead has been intricately cast by a Himachal silversmith.

"The jewellers of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu were famous for their silver jewellery skills. Kangra was the kingdom of Rajput in earlier days. They mainly worked with silver enamelling skills. Deep blue and green colours were used frequently in their enamelings. Many ornamental designs found in an Indian origin are mingled with Tibet designs, and various jewellery motifs are inhaled by the nature such as a lotus flower, pipal tree leaves."

The necklace has been strung on a black Indian traditional adjustable cotton thread cord with a cotton bead slider.

The black cotton cord lengths are 41 cm (16") each side and the silver spacer beads section is 9 cm (7 1/2"). The total length of the adjustable necklace is 101 cm (40").

The space beads have been silver tested for high grade silver 92.5% approx.

I have not cleaned the necklace - but will polish up beautifully.

HEAVY, 169 Grams (5.960oz.)

PRICE: USD $985.00 
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