Antique Tibetan Gau Box, Coral Stone

Antique Tibetan Gau Box, Coral Stone


TIBET 18th - 19th Century

This is an antique Tibetan Gau or Ghau Amulet box with four genuine corals set in a bezel setting. The center mandala is one large coral in the centre of open lotus flower buds and four conch sells.

The square surrounding the lotus flower are the Himalayan Buddhist Eight Auspicious Emblems.

1. Victory Banner
2. Coiled White Conch
3. Treasure Vase
4. Precious Parasol
5. Golden Fishes
6. Lotus Flower
7. Endless Knot
8. Dharma Wheel

At the center top is the monster mask of Kirtimukha.
The border is decorated with repousse closed lotus buds.
The sides and backing plate are of copper. Two pairs of applied copper lugs are to each side to hold a belt or strap that is fastened to a belt and worn when the owner travels. This man's Gau Box it would have been worn with a strap across the shoulder hanging to the right side under the heart.

This Gau has been extensively worn and shows signs of wear all over – but still in good condition.

Height: 9.5 cm (3 3/4″)
Width: 9.5cm (3 3/4″)
Depth: 2 cm (3/4 ")
Weight: 149.5 Grams (5.275 oz.)

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Antique Tibetan Gau, Coral, High Grade Silver Front, Copper Back




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