Antique Ladakh Necklace

Antique Ladakh Necklace


RARE: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir State, India c. early 1900's. The fashion in Ladakh and western Tibet for wearing multiple strands of necklaces traces back to the 14th century.

This is a distinctively Ladakhi, Western Himalayas, type of necklace combining three strands of antique salmon coral beads on the top row and a single strand of coral beads on the bottom row.   All the heirloom coral beads show signs of extensive wear as coral beads are handed down from generation to generation. 

The necklace comes from the Tibetan ethnic groups of the Zanskar valley in the Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh region of Northern India.

 he hand-made silver spacer beads are so sold and have worn smooth with wear over the time.

At the end of each spacer bead is a fringe drop of closed jasmine bud flowers. There are four antique turquoise beads (1.5 cm) with the worn stringing holes as a true signature of age.

All parts tested for high grade silver, the beads, spacer beads and jasmine buds, which is unusual many of the Ladakh necklaces are of lower grade silver. The necklace itself is strung on very heavy- duty thread. The S-hook closure has a beautiful bright green turquoise bezel.

The amount of coral beads makes the necklace quite heavy at 153 grams.

The necklace measures: 48 cm (19″) long including "S" clasp.
Strand No. 1  48 cm ( 19")
Strand No. 2  53 cm (21")
Drop:  6 cm (2 1/2")
Weight: 153.1 Grams (5.38 oz.)
Tested: High Grade Silver for bead extensions and spacer beads

 I have not cleaned the necklace as the silver beads and chain have a lot of surface tarnish, but will polish up beautifully.

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Antique Ladakh Necklace