Antique South Indian Bracelet, Tamil Nadu

Antique South Indian Bracelet, Tamil Nadu


This is a beautiful heavy gauge, high grade solid silver bracelet from Tamil Nadu, South India. This example is particularly beautiful with the attention to detail that has been paid in its construction.

It is a five-part, hinged bracelet with the repousse worked panels decorated in typically south Indian leaf scroll patterns and foliate patterns. The central square panel has a stepped pyramid unit, suggests a Hindu temple tower ("sikhar" a Sanskrit word translating literally to "mountain peak", refers to the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture ), topped by a raised silver diamond.

All panels are decorated with finals, joined by five-lugged hinges and opens from the top to one side with a pin mechanism.

The bracelet will suit a medium size wrist and is comfortable to wear.

Inside diameter: 6 cm (2 1/4")
Inside circumference: 16.5 cm (6 1/2")
Height of the bracelet at centre panel: 5 cm (2")
Weight: 125.3 Grams (4.420 oz.)
Tested for high grade silver 92.5%


PRICE: USD $895.00 
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Antique South India Bracelet, Antique Tamil Nadu Bracelet